We offer an Overnight service by road into and out of the Eastern Cape on a Daily basis.  We pride ourselves in that we were probably the first company in South Africa to offer this service into East London.  We are planning to start an Airfreight division in Reymar, in order to offer our clients a “ one stop” deal.


Status of Development 

In April 2009 Reymar acquired Parcel Perfect, a computer system developed for the courier industry in Southern Africa.  We are planning to start with the scanning and track and trace facilities within the next 6 months.  The system is used by most of the larger freight companies and has the ability to allow different companies to interact with one another. Thus making the billing and manifesting between the companies very simple.


Key Milestones

By acquiring Speedway Express on the 1st March 2009, Reymar Freight has become a major role player in the industry.  Bystreamlining the company, we have become profitable once again.  Reymar has also become a warehouse and distribution agent in East London and Port Elizabeth, this insures guaranteed income every month.  Opening a profitable Airfreight division will be the next big milestone for Reymar.


Growth in our Market

 With 2016 on our doorstep, we are very positive of the growth in our industry.  We are also certain that the worldwide recession will be over soon, and by then we will be ready for a huge inflow of freight into our industry.  With the type of service we offer, our biggest competitor is SAA, and they are limited on the freight they can take, and their rates are extreme.  We are currently very streamlined, and even if there is no growth in our industry, we will still be making good profits.


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